Payment Plans For Cosmetic Surgery

“Do you provide cosmetic surgery payment plans?” is a question many people ask.

Nowadays, people often ask whether we provide payment plans for cosmetic surgery or not, and the answer to this query is a big YES. Yes, Medezi does offer payment plans for cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery can be a life-changing experience for those who face significant back pain from big breasts or recurrent skin infections following weight loss. Unfortunately, Medicare and health insurance only cover a portion of the costs involved with these treatments. Thus, payment arrangements are frequently considered.

Many patients choose Medical Payment Plans to pay for their cosmetic surgery. Medical Finance Companies such as ours, “Medezi,” are regarded as one of the most reliable medical finance companies, providing funding for cosmetic surgery. From choosing the best surgeon, no document attachments, accessible communication, quick help, and privacy are the top priority, including many other benefits Medezi helps you in every step. Medezi is the best option for medical finance assistance because of its online application and quick payments.

Popular cosmetic surgery procedures

According to statistics, the top procedures that Australians are requesting in their cosmetic surgeon’s office Include:

Breast Implants (Boob job)

Breast Implants (Boob Job) are cosmetic surgery that can improve a woman’s appearance by giving her larger breasts or reconstructing the breast after a mastectomy. It is also known as breast enlargement, breast reconstruction, or breast implant surgery. Basically, breast implants are prosthetic devices that are surgically implanted into your breasts that provide shape to your breast. Breast implants are silicone shells filled with silicone gel or saline (sterile salt water).

Breast Implants and breast augmentation is somewhat similar. Still, the only difference between breast implants and breast augmentation is that augmentation is the procedure required for breast enhancement, whereas implants are the method used. Each depends on the other to produce results.

Five incredible benefits of breast implants include:

  1. They are long-lasting; that is, they usually last for at least ten years
  2. Breast implants, as well as breast implant surgery, are relatively safe.
  3. Complications or side effects are unlikely.
  4. Breast implants can help you feel better about yourself.
  5. It will make you feel secure enough to seize new opportunities

Breast Lift 

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgeon-performed surgical procedure that changes the shape of your breasts. During a breast lift, excess skin is removed, and breast tissue is manipulated to lift the breasts. 

If your breasts droop, or your nipples point downward, then you could consider getting a breast lift. A breast lift can also boost your self-esteem and confidence.

A breast lift will not significantly affect the volume of your breasts. On the other hand, it can be combined with breast augmentation or breast reduction.

Five incredible benefits of a breast lift include:

  1. Long-term outcomes
  2. The Breasts get improved in shape, projection, and symmetry.
  3. a younger appearance
  4. Better clothing fit and increased self-confidence
  5. There will be only minor scarring.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is also defined as augmentation mammoplasty. It is a surgical procedure used to increase the size of your breasts. Under this process, breast implants are placed beneath the breast tissue or chest muscles to increase your breast size. For some, breast augmentation is a confidence booster, but for others, it is part of rebuilding the breast to treat various conditions.

Five incredible benefits of breast augmentation include:

  1. Improve Breast Symmetry
  2. Adds volume and curve
  3. It gives a more youthful appearance
  4. It offers a more professional body size
  5. Provides better clothing options.

Breast Reduction 

Breast reduction surgery is also referred to as reduction mammaplasty. It is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat, tissue, and skin from the breasts. If you have big breasts, you may want to consider breast reduction surgery to alleviate discomfort or achieve a breast size that is proportionate to your body.

Breast reduction surgery may also improve your self-esteem and ability to engage in physical activities.

If you are considering breast reduction surgery, you could consult a board-certified plastic surgeon because breast reduction surgery is critical to understand. Queries like what breast reduction surgery entails, what potential risks and complications are included, and what realistic expectations one could have from the surgery are best answered by a board-certified surgeon only.

Five incredible benefits of breast reduction include:

  1. Chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain relief
  2. Better posture
  3. Skin irritation has been reduced.
  4. Facilitates physical activity
  5. Sleep soundly.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedure Costs

If you are currently researching cosmetic surgery procedures, you may have noticed that many plastic surgeon websites lack pricing information. The primary reason is that procedure costs are variable, which means that the actual price of an individual’s procedure may vary depending on their specific needs and desired outcomes.


The total cost of your procedure includes several expenses, including:

  1. Fees for surgeons
  2. Material expenses (breast implants, etc.)
  3. Operating room expenses (staff salaries, rent, costs of operating machinery)
  4. Anesthesia-related expenses
  5. Any medications or post-surgical compression devices included
  6. Appointments for follow-up

 Breast Implants cost 

When considering breast implant surgery, there are numerous factors to consider. One of the most critical factors for most patients is the cost. Breast implant surgery costs vary between plastic surgeons. Much of this is determined by your surgeon’s experience, geographic location, and the technicality of the procedure. Breast implants, on the other hand, are available at various price points that include What factors influence the cost of a breast implant? Does the size of a breast implant affect the cost? Etc.

Furthermore, the cost of breast implants varies depending on manufacturing processes, which include content or fill quality, brand, type, and style. A pair of implants can cost up to $2800 depending on these factors, excluding surgery, hospitalization, or follow-up care.

Breast Lift cost

Several factors can influence the cost of Breast Lift surgery or a Boob Lift. Breast Lifts, like many other types of cosmetic surgery, have a wide range of prices. This is because there are numerous factors to consider, such as your surgeon’s qualifications, the technique they use, and the location of your surgery.

It is critical to remember that all cosmetic surgery is invasive and involves some risk. Surgery could always be planned, customized, and performed by a trained professional. This lowers the risks and the need for revision surgery. Everyone is unique, and each surgery differs from another. Never settle for a one-size-fits-all solution, is what MedEzi believes. Therefore, a tailored procedure is required for a successful, long-term outcome of the surgery.

Average prices for breast lift surgery or boob job are divided into three categories mainly: –

  1. Lower-cost Breast Lift surgery costs between $8,500 and $12,000.
  2. Mid-range Breast Lift surgery costs between $12,000 and $15,000.
  3. Premier Breast Lift surgery costs $15,000 or more.

Breast augmentation cost  

If you think about having Breast Augmentation surgery, you could do some financial planning and research first. You may be wondering why costs appear to vary so greatly from Surgeon to Surgeon.

The average surgery cost will vary significantly depending on several factors. The price of your procedure will be influenced by your surgeon’s level of expertise, the condition of your breast tissue, and the type of surgery required.

The cost of breast augmentation also depends on who is performing your surgery? Where will your surgery be performed? What is included in your surgical quote? And How complex is your chosen procedure for surgery.

In Australia, there are three primary price ranges for Breast Augmentation procedures. This includes

  1. Lower-cost options, typically cost between $8,000 and $10,000.
  2. Mid-range Breast Augmentation costs can range between $10,000 and $14,500,
  3. High-end procedures usually cost between $14,600 and $20,000 or more.

Breast reduction cost  

Pricing is often one of the most important factors to consider when going for Breast Reduction surgery or any cosmetic procedure. As you investigate your options, you may discover that the prices and types of services available vary significantly. With so many breast reduction surgery options available, it’s critical to understand what factors influence price differences and what you can expect from a low, mid-range, and high-cost procedure.

The cost of breast reduction also depends on who is performing your surgery? Where will your surgery be performed? When will your surgery be performed? What is included in your surgical quote? And How complex is your chosen procedure for surgery.

Average prices for breast reduction surgery are divided into three categories mainly: –

  1. Lower-cost surgery that ranges between $8000 – $10,000
  2. Mid-range surgery that varies between $10,000 – $14,500
  3. Premium level surgery that is performed by renowned surgeons whose cost varies from $15,000 to $22,000 or more.

Repayment Estimate 

MedEzi being the discreet, affordable and 100% online finance option for seeking cosmetic, dental and medical procedure finance, also offers easy repayment methods.


The amount of cosmetic surgery loan to be taken is likely decided by the factors such as the procedure of surgery, be it breast implant, breast lift, breast reduction or breast augmentation. They are followed by the place where the surgery will be done along with the surgeon who will be doing the surgery.


Medezi’s long term easy repayment method includes the loan’s repayment period, the interest rate and fees associated with the loan, any penalty fees that may be charged to borrowers, and any other special conditions that may apply.


One of the essential factors in determining whether one can apply for a loan is their credit score. For MedEzi, if you have no bankruptcies in the last seven years, zero unpaid defaults in the previous five years, and a good credit score, nothing can prevent you from receiving financial assistance for your cosmetic surgery from MedEzi.

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Recently, the cost of cosmetic surgery and treatments has dropped dramatically. Many Australians began to look more enviously at celebrities and wanted to achieve a specific look, after which some would then start to save or look at getting a loan to cover the costs of their procedure.

As cosmetic treatments became more popular, more clinics opened, offering a variety of procedures, and the more they competed, the lower the prices became.

It has become so easy that now Australians can go to a facility for lip fillers or Botox treatment for a few hundred dollars on their lunch hour. Many people can easily budget for this amount from their disposable income, making these and similar treatments affordable, but when it comes to critical or big cosmetic surgeries, there are still people who think twice before going for any breast, dental or medical surgery; the reason being the cost. But to resolve this situation, Medezi tries its best to provide financial support by providing different payment plans for cosmetic surgery.

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