IVF Treatment Payment Plans

IVF Payment Plans in Australia 

For many Australians, falling pregnant naturally can be difficult. In these situations, some expectant parents may require additional medical assistance, including In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).  

According to one recent study, one in six couples in Australia and New Zealand struggle with infertility, and nearly one in twenty kids in Australia are born as a result of IVF treatment. 

There is no doubt that IVF treatment can be costly, and some people may struggle to fund treatment costs from their savings. Equally, Medicare and most Private Health Insurance funds do not cover all the out-of-pocket expenses related to fertility treatment, as it is considered an elective procedure. Therefore, people may also wish to consider alternative payment options to fund their IVF treatment.    

It is not uncommon for patients to opt for Medical Payment Plans to cover the cost of their IVF treatment. Medical Finance Companies like Medezi are regarded as a convenient way to finance medical procedures, including IVF treatment. Medezi can assist you with every process step, empowering you to select your preferred doctor. With easily accessible communication, quick online applications, live chat help, and privacy being our top priorities.  

What is Vitro Fertilization (IVF)? 

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a process of fertilization in which an egg is combined with sperm in a laboratory. A woman’s ovulatory cycle is carefully monitored and stimulated during surgery. Then an ova or ovum (egg or eggs) is removed (harvested) from her ovaries and fertilized in a laboratory. The intention is to achieve a successful pregnancy, with the fertilized egg (zygote) inserted into the uterus after being cultivated in the laboratory for 2–6 days.  

Reasons for opting for IVF    

IVF is used to treat infertility as well as some genetic issues. You may consider IVF for a variety of reasons, including if you or your partner has:    

  • low sperm count issues with ovulation due to conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome and fallopian tube problems    
  • If either of you has had endometriosis problems and wishes to avoid passing on inherited genetic disorders to your children,    
  • Some people may use donor sperm or eggs. If a couple is concerned about passing on a severe genetic condition to their children, they may be suggested to use donor sperm or donor eggs.    
  • Cancer patients may have their healthy eggs or sperm frozen before cancer treatment, which can harm their fertility. These eggs or sperm can be defrosted and used in IVF once cancer treatment is over.    
  • People who are LGBTIQA+ or single may also choose to use IVF to start a family.   

How long does IVF take to work?    

IVF can be a time-consuming medical procedure. Before considering if it is right for you, you should always consult your doctor, discuss your options and, if required, obtain a referral to an IVF clinic or fertility specialist.    

Before beginning any treatment, you (and your partner) will likely need to undergo a series of physical tests and other examinations such as ultrasounds, sperm analysis, and blood tests. Even after you begin IVF, you will go through a series of steps requiring visits to clinics and laboratories.    

If the first cycle goes well, you’re on your way. If not, you can try again with one or more additional processes.   

Cost of IVF Treatment  

IVF treatment expenses can be divided into direct and indirect costs. The actual medical treatments, such as doctor visits, prescription pills, ultrasound scans, lab tests, IVF procedures, and any related hospital fees and administrative expenditures, are considered direct costs. Indirect costs include the price of managing any treatment-related problems, patients’ travel expenses, and lost workdays. The increasing age of the patient receiving IVF therapy (especially those over 40) and the rising costs of multiple deliveries can exacerbate these costs. For instance, the cost of a twin pregnancy might be up to three times more than that of a singleton pregnancy.  

In Medezi, be it a direct or indirect cost, everything is covered under the loan segment of Medezi. With four steps online application and an easy repayment method, Medezi never disappoints its customers.   

Cost of One Round of IVF  

IVF costs vary considerably based on your unique situation and the services and treatments you need. It is estimated that the average price of an IVF cycle is over $8,000.  

The average potential out-of-pocket cost of between $4,480 and $5,330.  

According to statistics, the price of the first round of IVF varies depending on whether you use a fresh or frozen embryo. Additionally, it can differ significantly amongst clinics. Considering that IVF success rates might vary greatly, according to research, it is stated that one should be aware that they might require more than one round of IVF to become pregnant. There is also the possibility that you will spend money on IVF services and still be unable to conceive. 

Major IVF Treatment Costs  

Here are some estimations of average IVF costs based on the prices charged by fertility clinics in Australia.  

Initiating ovulation costs $700 every cycle. A single round of treatment, or IVF cycle, begins on the first day of menstruation. Women may self-administer hormones in the form of one to three shots per day during this stage of an IVF cycle. Medication for IVF is not included 1in this cost.  

The first IVF cycle costs range from $8,800 to around $10,600, with a typical out-of-pocket cost of between $4,480 and $5,330. These costs don’t include an anaesthetist that can run you an additional $2,000 or day surgery costs.  

All these costs can be covered by a Medezi loan, whether out-of-pocket or treatment costs. Loans from Medezi can be organised quickly if you are eligible and meet all the necessities asked by Medezi, such as  

  • Aged 18 or more  
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident (in Australia)  
  • Your gross income is over $30,000 p.a.  
  • You have had no bankruptcies in the last seven years  
  • You have had no unpaid defaults in the past five years  
  • Centrelink is not your primary income  
  • You are not currently in financial hardship  

Extra Cost Considered with IVF  

Based on the prices charged by fertility clinics in Australia, the following estimations of additional expenditures for the IVF procedure are provided:  

  • Up to $915 for six months of storage when freezing embryos  
  • Sperm freezing costs up to $450 for six months of preservation.  
  • ICSI cycle: Some couples might need an extra step in their IVF process called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), which can cost up to $850 for surgical sperm harvest. To aid in fertilization, one sperm is injected into an egg in this process. Between $9,694 and $11,218 is the cost.  
  • Medication for IVF: Depending on your circumstances, a different type of medication may be recommended. Once you have been given a prescription for a medicine, it is advisable to check with your doctor or your pharmacist.  


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