Cosmetic surgery after weight loss improves psychology and social life

Weight loss can be a challenging decision from the start. Losing weight is done with much sweat and discipline, and having excess skin laxity afterwards is bothering and sometimes frustrating. People go through a lot to get rid of that excess fat, and sometimes a new cosmetic problem makes them wonder if they will ever look great in the mirror.

Body-contouring surgery, performed after weight loss, is capable of fixing this problem and improve patient’s quality of life after going through hard diets and exhausting cardio sessions. Years of experience with male and female patients show that after surgery patients feel more confident, improve their self-esteem and social acceptance.

One of the most recent studies on the field further confirms these observations. Published in March 2017, a cohort of 43 patients underwent body-contouring surgery and were given questionnaires to compare their psychosocial profiles before and after the procedure. The improvement in the patient’s quality of life is not only found in social situations, but also in their sexual life and job performance. Depression symptoms were reduced from 39.5% to 2.3%, and the procedure with the highest satisfaction was mammoplasty.

These results show that sometimes cosmetic surgery is not only a matter of personal taste or useless vanity. It corrects people’s perception of themselves, improves their social performance, and might even affect their mental health. More than vanity, cosmetic surgery can be a powerful improvement in people’s quality of life.



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